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Keep Camp is a 5-day interactive challenge to organize one month of your photos!

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Day 1

(Wednesday, June 1)

Collect (gather photos into your hub)

Day 2

(Thursday, June 2)

Categorize (this may be a little different for everyone but includes creating folders or albums for specific events, moving screenshots, etc.)

Day 3

(Friday, June 3) 

Cull (basically another word for delete)

Day 4

(Saturday, June 4)

Classify (rename files, caption, keyword, facial recognition)

Day 5

(Monday, June 5) 

Conserve (3-2-1 backup)

Then it’s time to CELEBRATE

The only days that are a must are Day 1 & Day 5.

If you think of it like sleep away camp, Collect(1) and Conserve(5) are like having a place to sleep and eat at camp. Categorize (2), Cull (3), and Classify (4) are like doing the fun activities you already enjoy, trying new things and meeting new people. These are the things that will really make your photo collection more enjoyable in the future for you and your family

Count Me In

About Lisa Tonjes

Lisa Tonjes Moritz is a Certified Professional Photo Organizer and will be taking you through organizing her own photos from May 2022.

Count Me In